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Download latest Version WinZO Gold APK For Android. Earn Unlimited Real Cash Daily [Official Version]. Bharat's Largest Gaming App. Truly Best Gaming Platform.

WinZo gold is a one-of-a-kind gaming app. Today, the gaming industry is without a doubt a huge sector and does not show signs of slowing down anytime soon.

In modern society, it is relatively challenging to find someone who hates gaming. There are many games to choose from; however, what if you could also earn while playing your favorite game?

Unfortunately, this is something that is hard to find. In real life, you can find physical games that you can play and earn money; however, this is never the case when it comes to online gaming.

This is where winzo gold apk comes in. If you love playing online games, then you should consider giving winzo gold a try.

You will not only be playing an array of games on this app but also have a chance to make real money.

In addition, this award-winning app incorporates some top-notch features, which makes it stand out as overall the best online gaming app.

WinzoGold Apk incorporates an array of games from Rummy to Free Fire, Cricket, Fruit Fighter, Fantasy Sports, and Pool, to name a few.

This means that as a gaming enthusiast, you will have a chance to play one or two of your favorite games on this app.

In addition, you can participate in tournaments and win real cash. To find out more about this fantastic app, consider reading this article to the end.

What is Winzo Gold Apk?

Winzo Gold Apk is an award-winning gaming application engineered with lots of exciting games and amazing tournaments. 

Compete with other WinzoGold users and win real money. TicTok Skill Games Private Limited operates the app. The app has over 1,2 crore users.

Currently, the app is available in two versions; Winzo Game and Winzo Gold. Both apps can be downloaded from the website. 

The best part is that you can make real cash from both applications.

The WinzoGold Apk comes in five different languages; English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati

WinzoGold app is, without a doubt, India's biggest rewarding gaming app that allows you to earn money while playing your favorite game virtually.

Downloading and installing this app on your phone is pretty much straightforward. All that is required of you is to follow the below-given steps to download latest version winzo gold apk.

Once you have downloaded the application, go to settings and allow Unknown Sources to enable the installation of a third-party app. Open it and select your preferred language. 

With that done, go ahead and verify your phone number. You can now play your favorite game and earn some real cash with the app up and running. 

You should note that the tournaments on this app can be very challenging; therefore, you will need to sharpen your skills to start winning and earn money. 

If you are a pro gamer, consider yourself at the right place. Here, you will not only enjoy gaming but also make money from it.

Features of WinzoGold Apk?

Winzo Gold application incorporates some top-notch features, which makes it one of the best award-winning gaming app in India.

Some of the aspects features in this app include:

1) Earn money by winning tournaments.

2) It features a user-friendly design.

3) It comes with an array of games to choose from.

4) The games on this app are relatively easy to play.

5) You can withdraw cash through UPI or Paytm.

6) It is free to join.

7) The app offers three 24X7 tournaments for free.

8) The app offers a cash bonus to start your gaming experience.

After checking out features engineered in winzogold android app, you can clearly state that it is one of the best gaming apps for anyone who would like to make money while playing their favorite game.

So, you do not have to play your favorite game anymore without getting paid, consider installing this app and have the best experience of your life.

Pros and Cons of WinzoGold Apk?

Winzo Gold Apk is a safe and legit gaming app that you can earn money while playing your favorite game.

The app is 100% secure, and that there is no hacked winzo gold apk.

So it would help if you did not fall for blogs or websites that claim to have some tricks or models of winzogold apk you can trust.

Do not fall for these tricks. Your money is safe with winzogold.

Despite being a top-notch application, winzogold android apk has its success and downfalls.

And in this section, we shall be taking you through the pros and cons of winzogold apk.


Let's first start with the pros.

  • It is trustworthy and has a good brand value.
  • You are guaranteed instant payment for every game you win.
  • The app offers a fast and reliable customer support service.
  • There are lots of games to choose from; you will never be bored.
  • The app is easy to download and install on your phone.

Although it stands out as one of India's best award-winning gaming apps, winzo gold application also comes with its downfalls. Here are the cons of using this app:

  • It features a relatively hard referral program.
  • At times, the customer care assistance takes much time to respond to issues.

Details and Requirements of WinzoGold Apk?

Application Name

WinzoGold & WinZoGames




APK File

Scan Report

No Malware Detected



WinzoGold Referral Code



100% FREE

Star Rating

Offered By



How To Download WinZoGold APK For Android?

1First of all, click on the Download Now button to download latest winzogold apk for android

How To Play Games & Win Real Cash Daily With WinZo Gold App?

1First of all, open the application you have downloaded recently, select your preferred language, and click on the (Continue with English) button.
Choose Your Language
2Then application will ask you for your phone number; just enter it and click on (Send Code).

Then OTP will get it on that number you have entered before. Just copy that OTP and put it here.

In some cases, the application automatically detects the OTP and will take you to another page.
Send Code
3Once you reach this page, click on the (APPLY REFERRAL CODE) button. (By following this process, you will get a bonus of ₹10 to ₹50)
Apply Referral Code
4After that, enter a code here, which is (FBGCD255), to receive your bonus.

After entering the winzo gold referral code, click on the (CONTINUE) button.
Enter Winzo Gold Referral Code
5Then click on the (Enter Your Name) button.
Enter Your Name
6After that, set a name which is your identity, and choose your avatar and click on the (CONTINUE) button.
Complete Your Profile
7After following the above process, the sign-up process will be completed and take you to the dashboard.

On the top side, you can see that by using this code (FBGCD255), we got ₹10.

If you are lucky you will get more!

On the bottom side, you will find many games. By playing them, you can earn unlimited real cash daily.
SignUp Bonus
8Don't like to play games? You can also earn double money by inviting your friends to it.

To do that, go to the (Refer) section, which is given below, and choose the (WinZo SuperStar) option.

Once that is done, click on the (Register As Superstar) button.
Register As Superstar
9Then, you will come to this page.

Here, you will get your referral link if you invite any of your friends using that link. In return, you will get some commission.
Copy Your Referral Link

How To Withdraw Your Referral Earning From Winzo Gold APK?

1Once you earn a lot of money by inviting your friends, click on the (Withdraw) button.
Withdraw Your Referral Earning
2After that, choose your targeted payment method in which you want your earned money instantly.

It is better for you if you choose Paytm, in which no withdrawal fees will be charged!

After choosing, click on the (Withdraw Now) button.
Choose Payment Method
3Within a minute, you will get your payment. Winzo Gold process payment requests faster than others.
WinzoGold Payment Proof

How To Withdraw Your Winnings Earning From WinzoGold APK?

1First of all, go to the (Wallet) option, which is given below, and click on the (Withdraw) button.
Withdraw Your Winnings Earning
2Then again, choose your targeted payment method in which you want your earned money instantly.

It is better for you if you choose Paytm, in which no withdrawal fees will be charged! As we mentioned above.
Choose Payment Method

Frequently Asked Questions For Winzo Gold Apk

How Much Does WinzoGold Apk Cost?

Winzogold apk is FREE to download. All that is required of you is to follow the above-given steps to download winzogold apk.

What is Winzo Gold Apk Latest Version?

The latest version of WinzoGold is version 33.12.1263, which was released on Dec 13, 2023. Its download size is 90Mb.

Can I Access Winzo Gold Apk Using VPN In Banned Countries?

Using WinzoGold in banned countries is entirely illegal. However, this does not mean you cannot access this app using a VPN. However, you should note that we strongly recommend not to use this app using VPN as it might lead to legal issues.

Which Is The Best VPN To Use When Playing Winzo Gold In Banned Countries?

If you can access winzogold from banned countries using a VPN, you will need to invest in a high-quality and reliable VPN service provider. Some of the best VPN service providers you might consider using include NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

Is Winzo Gold Safe?

The answer is Yes! WinzoGold is a safe and legit app that gamers can use to play and earn real cash. Therefore, as a pro gamer, you should consider installing this app and enhance your gaming experience.


Not all online gaming apps offer cash rewards to their users. This makes winzogold one of the best apps for gamers across the globe.

Despite it being a third-party application, winzogold apk provides a unique gaming experience that is relatively challenging to find in other gaming applications out there.

So spend your gaming time by earning some cash.

With cash price at hand, winzogold app allows one to play many games and solve quizzes during their leisure time.

So if you are a pro gamer or would like to make money while entertaining yourself, consider installing winzogold in your app today and get the best experience of your life.

The best part is that you will have nothing to lose as the app is free. So next time you play your favorite game, ensure you take home a tangible prize. With that said, we hope you have found this article beneficial.